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Thank God, We'll Sing. Sing. A Pretty Song --


wha' a wankah.
30 January 1987
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Time for the crappy little ditty. I'm 20-odd years old, and my name is... known to those who need to know it, I suppose. Not that anyone'd WANT to stalk me, mind you, but ... yus. Better safe than stuffed into a freezer.

I'm in university. Isn't that lovely? (No.) I love English and (some of the) art(s), especially music. I am hideously obsessed with music, but then, who isn't? Ehm... this is going awkwardly. Onwards to the least most important part, I suppose. The fandoms.

-- I doan watch much TV. I rarely remember that it's THERE. But I do watch CSI, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dexter. Also Mad Men. When I remember to watch them, that is. And VH1. I highly enjoy their snarky humour.

-- Ack, too much to get into. To say I like a little of everything is both pretentious and a lie, as I'm yet to hear everything. I like to think that I'm fairly open-minded, though; I like at least one band/artist from most of the main genres of music.

Right now, I'm drawn to the music that is labelled as "britrock" and "indie rock" although I've started to pay more attention to the radio. I'm not terribly troubled about OMGZ INDIE RAWK and other such genre labels, but I seem to like a lot of that sort of thing. But hell, if I like a song, I like a song, no matter what the highly paid and extremely out-of-touch employees at the Rolling Stone have to say about its credibility.

Bah, see why I shouldn't have gotten started on music? I rant.

-- Er, I'm not sure whether I watch a lot of movies or not, but I sort of like the fact that I'm yet to see those movies-that-everyone-has-seen, such as Fight Club and Garden State. I'm not a complicated person. People falling over makes me laugh. Lowbrow? That's me. I like Dodgeball, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and silly things like that. I am a Ringer. Yus. Lord of the Rings geek to the death.

And I didn't like Moulin Rouge. There, I said it.

-- I read a lot. Here's the problem: I read the SAME BOOKS a lot.

I think I'll stop...


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