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wha' a wankah.
07 November 2012 @ 08:14
You. Guys.

I'm alive!

And back in black Canada!

Not exactly swimming in job offers (mmm, economyyyy), but I've got a seasonal stint at LUSH (if you've never been and you want to experience a cross between fun hippies and luxury DEAR GAHD PLZ GO) that I'm reaaaaally hoping works out.

Hmmm it's nice to sort of write in a journal again. I mean, I have a PHYSICAL journal but I type a hella lot faster. Maybe I'll pop in now and then :3

If you're the Tumblr sort feel free to follow me! I'm OCTOBOOTLE

I don't post a hella lot, but it'd be really nice to see some of you there

Soooo... h-how're you? I'd not be surprised if no one is really around haha but heck, if you are, drop me a line! :D

--J, awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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wha' a wankah.
20 July 2007 @ 13:31
Soooo, Travis last night.

Oh man, where do I start.

Under Here, I Guess.Collapse )


OH, and I forgot another bit of the Toronto gig! I wasn't really listening, as I was quelling my urge to run away from Dougie in terror, but...

Fan: I saw [something something] in Glasgow...
Dougie: Ahhh, must have been in pieces... *pause* the fuck out.
All: *GROAN*
Me: That was horrible. XD

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wha' a wankah.
23 September 2006 @ 10:53
I've got all day, nothing better to do what d'you mean, I have readings for school? Shut up., and ... nothing better to do.

So. MUSIC. I'm going to try to pick the bands that everyone might not have already, so yay?

A - Z.

I've got to limit myself to one song for each band/artist or else I might be doing this for aaaaaages. Hopefully it'll all fit in one post. Take as you please, but comment so I know if these music posts are even worth it!

One Just Ain't Enough...Collapse )

In other news, Neil kept me up all fucking night with his goddamn mewing and running around and attacking my legs, so I got about 3 hours' sleep in all. And he's STILL playing right now. I keep reminding myself that I'm tired and irritable and that he's still a baby, in order to stop myself from kicking him right into the piano.

Also, I punched my computer monitor so hard that I've damaged some of the pixels. Sigh, soft screen, boo.


P.S. Guess who's probably going to see Badly Drawn Boy in October? I could soil myself with pure joy.

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wha' a wankah.
16 August 2006 @ 17:42

Good Lord, you want to be added? WHY?

Go on, then, comment.


-- ppl whu kant stryng 2gether a sipmle sentens
-- racists, because I'm black of African decent
-- homphobes, because y'all is just ig'nant. I'm not gay m'self, but that kind of discrimination is ugly no matter what.
-- Lord of the Rings haters, because... double you tea eff.

Er... check my userinfo for fandoms and all that nonsense.